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'ISIA' is a new fashion brand by Izzakko. Showcasing models through NFT's, the brand will consist of 1 season per year starting July 2022 and will consist of 50-250 items per drop. The brand will focus on creating a clean vibe where street wear meets minimalism, while prioritizing the use of recyclable material and packaging. All aspects of illustrations relevant to ISIA will be manufactured and ready for consumer purchase in 2023-24.

Limited edition 1/1s of ISIA will be available on Izzakko's profile on SuperRare. These will provide exclusive access to sales and allow every collector to receive the first clothing item(s) relative to the NFT collected. 

The first previews of ISIA can be seen on SuperRare and Nifty Gateway on March 1st, 2022. Thereafter, all ISIA season NFTs can be purchased here. Follow @izzakko and @izzisia on twitter to stay updated. 

Working towards a cleaner, sexier future

Frequently Asked Questions

When will these seasons take place?

April 1st, 2023, June 1st, October 1st, and Finally December 10th. There will also be capsule collections in between with BHAREBOY

Ultimate Utility?

Every day ISIA's value will increase as more works become more accessible to the general population. Every NFT owned will offer endless perks to its collectors. More importantly you are helping Izzakko's dream come true, creating art and endless opportunities for everyone.

What make ISIA different from other projects?

ISIA isn't a project, it's an emerging brand. The ultimate goal is to eventually host its own runway shows around the world and become available to luxury malls and stores. In 10 years ISIA will still be here - or to be technical - everywhere. 


You can buy NFTs from Izzakko on SuperRare and Opensea. Soon, you can purchase them here. 

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