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Brand Design

In need of a new look? Izzakko has experience with designing apps and brand templates. Refer to for more details

Digital Art

After being married to a pen and sketchbook, Izz has been committed to digital art for 3 years. 


Being an artist her entire life, Izz has created many paintings ranging from 3x3” to 32x64” Commissions can be taken through the contact form.


Starting June 2021, Izz has begun selling NFTs. You can purchase them here in the store and on Izz’s profile on SuperRare.

Social Media Management

For 5 years Izz has studied algorithms on both Instagram and Twitter. Over this time she has gained over 750K followers across this journey.

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About Izzakko

Izzakko, Izz for short, is a 20 year-old multi-media artist from the Bay Area, creating visually vibrant works that seek to uplift the beauty of the Black community and illustrate the Black experience. She has always had a passion for art, with direction from her pastor Bishop Edwards and her parents who guided her through business.  In 2021, she established her own business creating and marketing her work to the world. Her work has drawn acclaim from her peers and her patrons for its subtlety, range, and uniquely expressive use of color and contrast.  Izz's Clientele includes Michaela Coel, Vogue Singapore, Adidas, and more.

Izz's Art

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