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by Oshea Drake

Oshea is a twenty year-old multi-media artist from the Bay Area, creating visually vibrant works that seek to transform the nothing to something, She has always had a passion for art, with direction from her pastor Bishop Edwards and her family who guided her through business. Knocked down by the Covid Pandemic, as many others were, Oshea was inspired to start her own business who's goal was to be able to hire creatives who are true representatives of inclusivity and diversity, Her work has drawn acclaim from her peers and her patrons for its subtlety, range, and uniquely expressive use of color and contrast. Oshea's skills ranges from brand design to social media marketing, to home decor, to product design and more,  Her clientele includes Serena & Lily, Adidas, Michaela Coel, Vogue Singapore, and others.

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